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Trade Notifications

Notifications of Transactions of Obliged Persons according to Law 3340/2005 (Article 13, par.1) and based on Article 6 of decision 3/347 / 12.7.2005 of the BoD. of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission

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Reason for notification

A: Person performing managerial duties

B: A person who has a close relationship with a person who holds managerial duties

Athens Stock Exchange : For transactions in the Securities markets of the Athens Stock Exchange

Χ.Π.Α. : For Derivatives Trading

A / P (Nature of the Transaction) A: Purchase / Acquisition Q: Sale / Sale AMK: Due to participation in AMK S.O. : Stock Option

Remarks 1: Due to participation in AMK

2: Due to the exercise of stock option provided to the staff

3: Due to donation

4: Due to merger or split etc.

5: Due to conversion or exchange of bonds

6: Exchange due to optional public offer

7: Parental Benefit

8: Due to Concession of title

9: Over-the-counter through Optional Public Offering

10: Due to a small property donation

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