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Our Heritage

The company LANAKAM S.A. was founded in 1941 by Ilias Kamsizoglou, under the name 'Electric and General Commercial Company SA'. The company's purpose was to market electricity-related items.
Throughout its course, the company changed its name several times as it expanded to other activities, such as the trading in yarns and fabrics and later, with the production and distribution in Greece and abroad, to having three production plants:
1. Cotton yarns
2. Hair yarn and composite card
3. Hair and mixed threads
In 1994 the company was renamed LANAKAM S.A., which is still the name today.
The name of the company comes from two words, ΄Λανα (Lana)' which in Italian means wool and 'Kam' from the surname of its founder, Elias Kamsizoglou.
During the period 1983-1998, labor costs had risen sharply, to more than 77% of total production costs. The company then operated and continues to operate in the fashion industry with imports from countries such as Italy and England of branded clothes, shoes and accessories. In 2002 the company stopped production and continues to this day with the import of branded clothing and in tandem with the exploitation of real estate.

Keratea Warehouse_2.jpg
Keratea Warehouse.png

Keratea Factory 1970

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