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The Idea

COYOVA is an online
platform which connects
millions of travelers and
locals with memorable activity
experiences all around the
world. On COYOVA one can
book online their vacation
activities for their Summer and
Winter destinations.

Catamaran Coyova.jpeg

Complete your vacation.

The Project

COYOVA is here to solve the major problem of all travellers.
The problem for accommodation is solved by two main
platforms, however the problem of vacation activities in not
yet solved, which is a great opportunity for COYOVA.
Now users can use COYOVA to find and book:
• Touristic activities (E.g. Day trip, Snorkelling etc)
• Activities that are not touristic (E.g. Horse Riding, Football
Court, Canoeing etc)
• Multiple activities with single check out process
• Tickets (E.g. Museums)

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For Inquiries

If you have any questions or would like some more information please send us an email to:

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