The first Fracomina mono-brand store officially opens with a VIP event in Athens, Tsakalof 8, Kolonaki.

Dora Katsikogianni 

Fracomina Store Opening, Tsakalof 8 Kolonaki, Athens

Christiana Gargaropoulou & Aggeliki Tsionou at Fracomina Store Opening, Tsakalof 8 Kolonaki, Athens

Katherine Evaggelinou

Penny Agorastou

Natalia & Nefeli Georgala


Stylish celebrity Tatiana Stefanidou wearing a total Fracomina outfit.



Many celebrities and bloggers were seen at the LNKM store opening event in Kolonaki, Athens. Amongst them were Marietta Chrousala, Nikoleta Ralli, Anastasia Peraki, Christina Kontova and more!


Anna Mavridis - Skoog at LNKM store, Kolonaki, Greece

Marietta Chrousala at LNKM store,Kolonaki,Greece


The first Fracomina monobrand store opens on one of the busiest streets in Athens, Tsakalof 8, Kolonaki.


The event for the store opening of our Coccinelle monobrand store in Limassol Cyprus was a great success. Bloggers, celebrites and one of the biggest radio stations in Cyprus were present.


Coccinelle Limassol, Cyprus

Constantina Evripidou at Coccinelle Limassol, Cyprus

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