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Our Businesses

Our company prides itself in the many years of bringing foreign fashion brands into Greece & Cyprus. 

We also utilize our real estate to its maximum potential. We are always looking for new ways to expand our businesses and are always open to new ideas. Interested in getting into business with us, or have a good business idea?

Get in touch with us here.

LANAKAM S.A. has always maintained a strong position in wholesale and retail in the fashion industry.Click to learn about our fashion history.

_Coccinelle_Sun_Marvin Suede.jpg

Take a closer look at the extensive real estate the company holds.

keratea warehouse 2020.jpg

Enter the online shopping experience of LNKM.


LANAKAM S.A. has entered the business of offering, through the new website, locals and tourists the opportunity to book online meaningful activities and experiences. 

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