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LANAKAM S.A. considers data privacy as a fundamental component of business activity. Our privacy policy and practices focus on processing, sharing and storing personal information properly and legally, while granting privacy, integrity and availability. This privacy policy applies to the basic operating subject of LANAKAM S.A.
LANAKAM S.A. processes and stores personal data within the EU. And it will be able to show compliance with EU law in a certain time, as well as our principles set out here.
This privacy statement represents the entire privacy policy applicable to the activities of LANAKAM S.A. The statement explains the type of information we collect from customers and how we use this information.
Our company is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), which is a directly binding legal act. GDPR creates some new rights for individuals and strengthens some of the rights recently existing under Directive 95/46 / EC. Directive 95/46 / EC will be repealed with effect from May 25th 2018. This policy has been compliant with GDPR and is therefore also in line with Directive 95/46 / EC and its national applications until they are overcome on May 25th 2018.
The privacy policy is under the responsibility of the legal team at LANAKAM S.A., which has overall responsibility for the attestation of conformity. The Data Protection Office (DPO) is responsible for implementing our data protection policy, which is inherently related to our privacy policy. DPO confirms compliance on a daily basis and participates in all relevant privacy issues.
LANAKAM S.A. should be considered as the data protection controller and will determine the purposes and means of processing personal data submitted and collected.
The data protection policy of LANAKAM S.A. is based on the following data protection principles.

  •  Personal data processing takes place in a legal, fair and transparent manner

  • The collection of personal data will only be for defined, explicit and legitimate purposes and will not be further processed in a manner incompatible with those purpose.

  •  The collection of personal data will be sufficient, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purpose for which they process

  •  Personal data should be accurate and, where necessary, up-to-date

  • Any reasonable step should be taken to ensure that personal data that are inaccurate, having regard to the purposes for which they are processed, deleted or corrected without delay

  • Personal data should be kept in a format that permits identification of the data subject for no more than is necessary for purposes for which personal data are processed

  •  All personal data will be kept confidential and stored in a manner that assures appropriate security

  • Personal data is not shared with third parties except when it is necessary to offer services for them, by agreement

  •  Data subjects will have the right to require access to and correction or deletion of personal data, limitation of processing, or objection to processing as well as the right of data portability


Personal Data

Personal data means any information that may be relevant to an identified or non-identifiable natural person (the "data subject"). Personal data includes all kinds of information that is directly or indirectly (that is, used in conjunction with other data) attributable to the data subject such as names, date of birth, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.


Collection of Personal Data

All parties who want to take advantage of our services and submit information to us may be asked to provide personal data in order to enable LANAKAM S.A. to operate and improve our company and our services. We primarily collect personal data such as names, date of birth, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, in order to inform, free of charge, about our products and services. We can also assemble the physical address of the candidate when applying for a job. We further collect personal data for other purposes such as statistics, administration and communication, information and security management, physical security, certification and certification systems, support systems, co-operation of internal programs and organizational groups and activities. We will process personal data only to the extent required for a defined, explicit and legitimate purpose, or a required legal purpose in areas where we operate.

Use of Personal Data

We will use personal data for the purpose it is collected, and we will keep the data only for as long as is necessary for that purpose. We can retain customer information for as long as the customer's account is active or necessary for the provision of services, in compliance with our legal obligations or with any of the purposes listed above. Access to personal data is strictly limited to the staff of LANAKAM S.A. and its controlled branches.

Share of Personal Data

Personal data should not be shared with third parties except in circumstances where such sharing is necessary for the provision of our services. Occasionally, we sign up with other companies and corporate partners to work on our behalf, such as outside lawyers to follow a requirement or with technology companies to manage and distribute systems and technologies to enhance our products and services, and at these cases we will share the necessary information. We will not disclose personal data to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to market their own products and services to our customers. If users do not want us to share information with these companies, please contact with DPO,
Under certain circumstances, LANAKAM S.A. may be required to disclose personal information in response to legitimate requests from supervisors to meet the requirements of GDPR. We may also disclose personal information if required by law, as well as comply with a call or other legal process when we believe in good faith that communication is necessary to protect our rights, protect the security of our customers or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.

Processing Security

We will process personal data safely, implement and maintain properly technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, particularly where processing involves the transfer of data over a network, and against all other unlawful forms of processing. Questions about the security of personal data can be addressed to DPO,
Access to and Correction or Deletion of Personal Data
Customers have the right to access, correct or require the erasure or limitation of the processing of any information we have collected, at any time. To help us keep personal data up-to-date, we advise users to inform us of any changes or deviations. To examine and/or personalize personal data, or to obtain information on how long your LANAKAM S.A. intends to retain personal data or other questions related to accessing your personal data, or if you want to make a request so that we provide you information on whether we maintain or process any personal information on behalf of third parties, please contact DPO,
Apply For a Job
For job applications, we use a third-party hiring tool for management purposes. When applying for a job at LANAKAM S.A personal data will be processed and verified by LANAKAM S.A. Applications will not be saved for more than necessary or will not be shared with any third party. If applicants wish to make, correct, delete personal data, please contact DPO,

E-mail Marketing

At LANAKAM S.A. be allowed, after consent, to send e-mails to customers for marketing purposes. This form of consent must be freely given, concretely up to date and clear. These prerequisites are met when customers have chosen to receive marketing e-mails (Actively agree).
Customers will always have the right to disagree, on demand and at no cost, with the processing of customer-related personal data for direct marketing purposes without having to provide specific justification. Customers can do so by using the "Unsubscribe" link that they will find in the emails they receive from us or by contacting us at

Once a customer has disagreed, this customer's personal data will no longer be processed for direct marketing.
Marketing e-mails contain information that we believe can be of interest to our customers such as the latest news about our products and services.


LANAKAM S.A. is responsible for and wants to be able at any given moment to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR as well as our principles set forth herein. LANAKAM S.A. will maintain records of the processed activities under its responsibility that contain the information required by GDPR and where applicable and make the files available to supervisors upon request.
The privacy statement is under the responsibility of the legal team at LANAKAM S.A. Any question regarding this policy can be addressed to the DPO,



Customers have the right to submit a complaint regarding our processing of personal data. All inquiries and complaints will be treated in time by the DPO in accordance with internal procedures. In the unlikely event that customers have suffered a breach of their rights under the data protection policy and LANAKAM S.A. has not dealt with the complaint in an adequate manner, customers can complain formally with supervisors.
Complaints may be filed with the DPO,

Changes to this Policy

Date of entry into force:  May 25th 2018

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