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Today, Lanakam S.A. has developed a very strong presence in the wholesale market with more than 400 customers in Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, Lanakam S.A. cooperates with all the well-known department stores in Greece and Cyprus,

(Attica, Notos, Debenhams, Hondos Center and more).


Renovation was done on another real estate property in Kallithea and was rented out to two small food production companies.


LANAKAM S.A. began their collaboration with the brand F**K.


LANAKAM S.A. started it's collaboration with the brand Emernezildo Zegna


LANAKAM S.A. started it's collaboration with the fashion company Tosca Blu.


In continuation of expanding business, LANAKAM S.A. signed on the famous brand house Chloe from the Richemont group.


In 2007, the company signed on Liu Jo.

2001 - 2005

Following this collaboration, new business agreements were signed with Coccinelle, Guess, Danielle Alessandrini, LIU JO, Gold Case, Frankie Morello and more.


Listing of the company "Elias G. Kamsizoglou Société Anonyme Commercial-Industrial Company" on the Athens Stock Exchange.


Change of the company's name from "Industrial Commercial Piraeus Societe Anonyme SA." in "Elias G. Kamsizoglou Societe Anonyme Commercial - Industrial Company".


Expansion of the company's activity of trade in yarns and fabrics to all kinds of general merchandise.


The first monobrand store of Fracomina officially opens on one of the busiest streets in Athens, Tsakalof 8 Kolonaki.


LANAKAM S.A. started it's collaboration with the brand Bora Bora.


LANAKAM S.A. began it's collaboration with the brand Fracomina.


LANAKAM S.A. started it's collaboration with the brand Noa Noa.


CHUNK London and ANTIK BATIK join LANAKAM S.A.'s portfolio of brands.


LANAKAM S.A. signs on Goldcase which belongs to Fashion Lab S.R.L.


In 2007, the company signed on Dunhill & Daks of London.


Lanakam S.A. entered the apparel and accessories distribution business in 2000.  The first collaboration was with the well-known brand DOLCE & GABBANA.


Change of the name from "Elias G. Kamsizoglou Société Anonyme Commercial-Industrial Company" to "LANAKAM SA Textile, Technical, Investment, Shipping, Tourist, Commercial-Industrial Company".


Change of the name from "Piraeus Commercial Societe Anonyme" to "Piraeus Commercial Societe Anonyme SA". Moving forward the company continued to expand it's activities into the field of yarn and textile industry, with the establishment of the factory in Piraeus for the production of wool yarns, and yarns of various raw materials such as cotton, polyester, viscose, linen and more.


In 1941 "General Electric and Trading Company SA" was established. The purpose of the company was to distribute all electricity-related machinery for any industrial use and undertake representations of foreign companies.


Our monobrand Coccinelle Store in Kolonaki was renovated into our first multi-brand store. The name of the newly renovated

store reflects our company; LNKM.

In collaboration with Coccinelle & Nicethings Palomas S we created corners within the store showcasing their products. 

2018 - 2019

Our warehouse in Keratea was completly renovated and a large part of the warehouse was rented out on a long term contract with the lighting company Zampelis S.A.. The rest of the warehouse is currently being used by the company for storage of the brands that we distribute.


LANAKAM S.A. opened it's first Coccinelle Store in Limassol, Cyprus.


LANAKAM S.A. started it's collaboration with the Jacky & Celine.


Taking on a new venture, LANAKAM S.A. expanded its business into heating and cooling systems from Cloudburst Inc. & Alfresco Heaters Ltd.


In 2007, the company signed on the famous company GUESS.


In 2006, the company successfully opened the first Coccinelle mono-brand shop in the center of Athens; near Kolonaki square. 


Due to the increase of labor costs in Greece, the company was forced to reduce its manufacturing operations and expanded its activities in the field of fashion.


The company "Elias G. Kamsizoglou Societe Anonyme Commercial and Industrial Company" acquires and merges with the company "Nematourgia Kallithea Societe Anonyme SA."


Change of name from "Electric and General Commercial Company SA." to "Piraeus Commercial Societe Anonyme".

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