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Our Aim

The world is changing day by day and in order to be able to survive in this different environment we need to find new ways, products and business ideas to shape our future.

Our main aim is to expand our business by distributing alternative products or services in Greece and Cyprus.  Moreover, we are always open for new proposals and business opportunities. Have a business opportunity? Contact us here.

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Our Mission

To utilize the real estate owned by the company and continue the exclusive distribution of products within Greece and Cyprus. 

Furthermore, we aim to become well known for our new online shops and premium customer service.

Real Estate

Kallithea 2019

Keratea 2019

Recently Renovated

keratea warehouse 2020_01
keratea warehouse 2020
purgos athinon_9
Kallithea Property 2019
Keratea Warehouse Interior
Keratea Warehouse
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